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What You Pay

  • $50.00 Adult membership
  • $65.00 Family membership, 2 adults at same address plus children under 18
  • $25.00 Senior Membership, adults age 65 or over. 
  • $50.00 Senior Couple, one person must be age 65 or over.
Join/renew and pay online (PayPal, allows you to use Visa or MC) and your membership is good for one year.

What You Get

  • Recreational Events & Activities
    Access to our Calendar of great events, such as Downhill Skiing & Boarding, Cross country skiing, Snowshoeing, Hiking, Cycling, Golf, Baseball, WinterStart.
    Many of these are carpool trips, saving you fuel costs and wear and tear on your car as well as providing company to enjoy the ride.  (Carpooling during Covid is family or cohort only)

  • Social Events
    Various Social Events are planned through the year to encourage all our members, including the kids, to get together in a social setting.
    Note: Some events are adult appropriate only (e.g. Wing Nights)
    Many social events are subsidized in whole or in part by the club.

  • Cross Country Lessons
    Cross country ski Lessons are available through Space Dogs Ski Club - see our Lesson page.

  • Bus Trips
    We pay the way!! We offer subsidized bus trips for day and weekend trips to various locations. We usually pay the cost of the bus. You pay for snacks, drinks, accommodations and skiing. Trip leaders get further savings. (Bus trips are not available during Covid due to restrictions - our extended trips are currently all self drive, but we are subsidizing hotel costs).

  • Accommodations
    We can arrange group rates on accommodations on our trips saving you even more money. Where we do not provide a bus, we will subsidize accommodations or group dining.

  • Pub Nights
    On many of our trips we have a meet and greet one evening and pay for appetizers.

  • Ski Area Discount Cards
    We buy in bulk and get discounted cards which we further discount, getting you on the hill for less money.

  • Big Trip Savings
    We can arrange group rates on more exotic trips, saving you money and also further subsidizing these trips.
    Our planned trip to Milan, Italy in March 2020 to ski was cancelled due to Covid, as was a spring 2021 trip to Japan. 

  • First look!
    If you volunteer at our annual New and Used Ski Sale, you get first opportunity to check out and buy new or used ski equipment on the Thursday night after setup. Beat the crowds and get the best selection!

Savings Example

Winterstart is an annual weekend event we host each year in Lake Louise.  Here is how the savings add up.
  1. Group rate accommodations,
  2. A meet and greet social on Friday.
  3. If you choose to Downhill ski, you can use your club discounted Lake Louise card to save further.
  4. And perhaps you are skiing on skis purchased at the Ski Sale.

Calgary Ski Club Rewards Program

Or how to save even more. No good deed goes unrewarded.

We offer a rewards program for volunteering and helping out. Points earned are used to reduce the cost of any paid event you pay for through the Club. One point is valued at one dollar.
You earn points by leading trips, volunteering at our Ski Sale, serving on various committees and Council because we believe that Volunteering Pays.

Where Does The Money Come From For All This

You might ask - did we rob a bank? While some of our money comes from membership fees, most of our money comes from the Calgary New & Used Ski sale which we co-host each October with the local Ski Patrols and the Lake Louise Ski Club.  To continue enjoying these great benefits, we need your help in working at this event.  Please work a shift or two. Volunteering helps you earn points to reduce your cost of events and also gives the club money to offer discounts and savings. For more information please visit Ski Sale Member Info and Ski Sale Official Site.