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Besides the magnificent scenery of course!

What You Get

Recreational Events & Activities

Access to our calendar of great Events, such as downhill skiing & boarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, cycling, golf and much more
Many of these are carpool trips, saving you fuel costs and wear and tear on your car as well as providing company to enjoy the ride. 

  Savings on Bus and Extended Trips

We offer subsidized bus trips for day and weekend trips to various locations, often paying some or all of the cost of the bus. Along with group rates on accommodations on our trips, saving you even more money. Where we do not provide a bus, we will subsidize accommodations, travel or group socials.

Social Events

Social Events are planned through the year to encourage all our members, including the kids, to get together in a social setting. 
Note: Some events are adult appropriate only (e.g. Wing Nights)
Many social events are subsidized in whole or in part by the club.

Event Socials

On most of our extended events, we arrange a social event.  This may be as simple as appetizers at a nearby pub, pizza and beer, or a sit down dinner.  This provides an opportunity to get to know your felllow participants beyond the chairlift.

Ski Area Discount Cards

We buy in bulk and get discounted cards which we further discount, getting you on the hill for less money.  Sunshine SuperCard, Lake Louise Plus, Castle WOW, RCR

We also arrange deals on passes like the Mountain Collective.

First look!

If you volunteer at our annual New and Used Ski Sale, you get first opportunity to check out and buy new or used ski equipment on the Thursday night after setup. Beat the crowds and get the best selection!

Even more benefits if you volunteer

See our Volunteering Pays page for more details

Savings Example

Winterstart is an annual weekend event we host each year.  Here is how the savings add up.
  1. Group rate accommodations
  2. A meet and greet social- subsidized
  3. If you choose to Downhill, you can use your discounted Louise Plus or your Mountain Collective.
  4. And perhaps you are skiing on skis purchased at the Ski Sale.