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Hiking & Cycling

Extend your outdoor activities beyond the ski season. Stay active in the outdoors through the warmer months as well and join CSC's popular hiking and cycling events!

Regular hiking and cycling trips are scheduled throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. See our Event Calendar for current schedule and registration and transportation information

  • Join fellow hikers and cyclists at any level of ability.
  • Meet new friends through this active hiking/cycling group.
  • Hike and cycle with experienced volunteers who know the area.
  • Socialise with fellow members before, during or after the event.


Popular Destinations 

  • We coordinates day trips to anywhere within easy reach of Calgary. 
  • Regular cycling outings are organised offering day trips up to 100 km, featuring various communities and country scenery close to Calgary.
  • Socialising includes visits to recommended eateries, pubs, coffee houses and could be before, during or after the event. 

Hike Ratings and Difficulty 

Hikes are rated by both length and difficulty.

  • Short up to 10 km
  • Medium 10 to 20 km
  • Long over 20 km
  • Casual - Requires no hiking experience and a minimal level of fitness. However they may be fairly long and have some steep and/or difficult sections.
  • Intermediate - Conditions may be more rugged and with 500 m or more of elevation gain. Must be reasonably athletic and wear good hiking boots.
  • Challenging - Considerable off trail travel with substantial (steep) elevation gain. These hikes should be attempted only by experienced hikers who find our intermediate hikes to be no problem.

We recommend that you consult with a relevant guide book and if in doubt, talk to the hike’s coordinator.

 See our Resources section for a hiking checklist and recommended guide books 

Important Safety Information 

CSC Coordinators are approved as leaders by Club peers.  They know the routes offered and are familiar with Club procedures for trip organising and leading. Coordinators may cancel or redirect any outing if conditions appear unsuitable. Coordinators may refuse to allow someone to participate if they feel that person does not have the proper equipment or skills, and to ask a person to go back if it is unsafe for them to continue. If a person ignores the Coordinator's advice, that person is no longer considered a participant in that event. 

Rescue Costs 

Parks now often charge to evacuate people from the backcountry in an emergency. CSC policy is that any such expense is the hike-participant's responsibility and not the Club's. The Club merely organizes events. Each participant, as a Common Adventurer, is responsible for ensuring his/her own safety and for covering any expenses incurred.

For more information please contact our Hiking Director at: hiking@calgaryskiclub.org