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Great day at Lake Louise

John Walton  | Published on 2/19/2021
Lake Louise Feb 18th, 2021
Although it was -23 in the parking lot, it quickly warmed up to the point I had to change to a lighter jacket at noon.  And yes, that is mostly blue sky in the picture.  Sorry, we did not get everyone in the picture.
It was good to see Ted "Traynor the Turner" out and make a few turns with him.  One of our new members, Thomas, had never skied at Lake Louise.  Great fun meeting him and showing him the hill.  He only took one tumble, so I hope we didn't scare him away.  Perhaps a warmup run in C gully was not the best idea! Unfortunately, we lost him after lunch, but we picked up Elvie, who we somehow missed at the morning meeting spot.  Despite insisting she was slow on her board, she managed to keep right up. Dina, the other boarder in the group, insisted on starting the morning on her own as she wanted to board the cruisers.
Don't be shy to sign up if you are a boarder or an intermediate skier or do cruising runs.  We need more of you to form a group. 
And to all the regulars, thanks for another awesome day in the mountains: Steve, Daryl, John, Martin, Karen and Bruce Almighty.