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John Walton  | Published on 6/17/2021

Update - Covid

Please refer to Covid page for full guidelines

The relaxation of Covid rules does not mean the pandemic is over. It means they now have room in the ICU for you. Please continue to make good choices.


Avoid the 3 C's

Confined Spaces


Close Contact

Follow the 3 W's.

Wash your hands

Wear a mask when required

Widen your physical distancing.

As case counts reduce and vaccination numbers improve, trip organizers may, at their discretion, arrange carpool locations. Those members who feel comfortable may carpool. However, we do not want anyone to feel pressure to a) either join a carpool or b) take on carpool passengers if they are not entirely comfortable. Please make that clear to participants. In many cases, people will elect to self-drive or meet at the trailhead.

Numbers on outdoor events are increased to 20. (at trip organizer discretion)

And on a lighter note - for hockey fans and gardeners

What is the easiest way to keep your yard raked all year?
Put a hockey net in the middle of it.  You will never see a Leaf near it.

I suppose we should not make fun of the Leafs.  After all, I have to respect the fact they have not lost a game in the Stanley Cup finals since 1967.