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Offer Your Time and Reap Rewards

Getting involved with the Calgary Ski Club is easy, and the rewards are great!  As a nonprofit volunteer-run organization, we encourage our members to get as involved as their time, energy and enthusiasm permits - whether to plan an event, organize a trip, work at our ski sale and casino or participate on a committee.

Volunteering Pays

1) CSC points. The Club maintains a 'points' system for members who volunteer. Points may be used toward the cost of membership renewals, bus trips,  extended trips,  and other programs approved by Council.  Some events will use alternatives to points for volunteers such as gift cards or discounts.  Note that AGLC rules prevent us from providing any compensation for volunteering at a Casino or other AGLC events. See CSC Rewards Program below for details.

2) First dibs on gear. Volunteers at our annual Calgary New & Used Ski Sale get first access to buy gear on the Thursday night after setup.

3) Paid events.  Trip and event leaders may get a portion or all of their cost paid.

4) Satisfaction.  As a trip leader you get to share your favourite hikes or trails.

5) Cheaper trips.  Money raised from the Ski Sale helps subsidize various events and trips and also pays for administration. 

6) Trip leaders.  Leaders earn points to reduce the cost of trips

CSC Rewards Program

To earn points to pay for events, you need to volunteer.  We credit your CSC account each month based on how much you help out.

 30 points
 - planning and leading day trip events & socials
 - compiling or editing our newsletter (shared)

15 points per hour
   - other general volunteer activities as set out by Council

100 - 250 points
 - serve on Council 
 - serve as volunteer coordinator for our Casino
 - serve on a ski sale committee or be a floor general
 - hosting a serial event
 - Hosting an extended bus or multiday trip

15 points per hour
Volunteer at the Calgary New & Used Ski Sale, our biggest fundraiser, held every October. This sale is our biggest fundraiser.  Please consider volunteering a shift or two. It takes hundreds of volunteers to make it work. It pays for our administration and subsidizes many of our trips and events.   For more info:     Ski Sale  Member Info       Ski Sale Official Site

Our other fundraiser is a Charity Casino which provides funds for various programs.  Alberta Gaming and Liquor rules prevent us from awarding CSC points for this event.

CSC points are recorded as a credit in your Member profile after volunteer hours have been confirmed.  This can take up to 60 days in the case of the ski sale..

Spending your CSC points!

Points can be redeemed and used towards the cost of:
- Extended Trips and Bus Day trips that are paid through our website
- Social Events in some cases
- Sanctioned Courses
- Membership Renewals
- Discounted Ski Area cards
- Our points for passes program where you may purchase a season pass at a ski area, a Parks Canada or Kananaskis Pass.  For Nordic Skiers, the annual fee for Nordic Ski Lab.  To receive payment for this,  please go to the member tab, select Expense Reimbursement, complete the form - in the project area, please type in Points for Passes, attach your scanned receipt and get fully of partially reimbursed with your points.  

Rules and Details

Points are non-transferable and are an internal reward system with no cash value.  Points expire 2 years from date earned or earlier if membership lapses.  Some events may have a limit on the points earned to prevent volunteer burnout. i.e. ski sale volunteers are normally limited to 600 points for hours worked at the ski sale. (they may earn extra points as a floor general, or by serving on sale committees)

You may use points to pay for approved events open to all members.  They cannot be redeemed for cash nor used for non-club activities. Points are exchanged at a rate of one point to one dollar for internal events and products paid for through our website but have no cash value. Points are automatically deducted from the cost of membership renewals or events paid for through our site. Oldest points are used first and family memberships share points.

Only members in good standing, with an active membership, may accumulate and spend points; guests are not permitted to be a part of the reward system.

You may view your CSC Points account balance on your Member profile on our website.  Under the Financial/Financial Data section, open the Payment/Credit History.  You will see a history of points earned.  

This is an overview only, points and other rewards are subject to change.  Council decisions on point distribution and use are final.

For more information on our reward system contact