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CSC Rewards Program

Offer Your Time and Reap Rewards

Getting involved with the Calgary Ski Club is easy, and the rewards are great!  as a nonprofit volunteer-run organization, we encourage our members to get as involved as their time, energy and enthusiasm permits - whether it be to plan an event, organize a trip, teach lessons, become a coordinator or participate on a committee.

Volunteering Pays at CSC

Membership pays at CSC ... in many different ways.  CSC maintains a 'points' reward system for all of its members.  These reward points can be used towards the costs of day trips, lessons, club merchandise, extended trips, social events and courses sanctioned by Council.  Points can be banked for up to 2 years.

You may use points to pay for things for yourself or for other whom you would like to take part in a CSC event.  CSC points are exchanged at a rate of one point to on dollar ratio for internal events and products but have no cash value.


CSC Rewards Program 

To earn points for your CSC account, you need to volunteer - which keeps us running like a well-oiled machine.  We will credit your CSC account, based on how much you help out with regular Club activities - like planning and leading extended trips or day trip events, tracksetting, helping with the Annual Lake Louise Loppet and any other volunteering opportunities made available to you in events and programs throughout the year.

You can also earn even more points when you volunteer for our main fundraising events;: the Annual New and Used Calgary Ski Sale held in October each year, and a Casino which we are awarded approximately every 18 months.  These two events provide us with the majority of our funding, allowing us to provide you with reasonably priced programs and Club subsidized events.  We need volunteers to make them happen.

Five (5) CSC points are earned for every hour you volunteer at these major fundraising events.  The larger the event, the more opportunities for you to volunteer and to earn CSC points.  All other activities have an allocated number of points that can be earned.  CSC points are recorded by the Office Administrator and 'banked' in your Member's Account after volunteer hours have been confirmed. 

Spending your CSC points!

CSC Points can be redeemed and used towards the cost of:

  • CSC Store merchandise
  • Extended Trips and Bus Day trips
  • Lessons and Programs
  • Social Events
  • Sanctioned Courses

CSC Points cannot be used for Memberships

Rules and Details

  • CSC Points are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • CSC Points are an internal reward system and have no cash value
  • Only members in good standing, with an active membership, may accumulate and spend CSC Points, Guest are not permitted to be a part of the reward system
  • You may view your CSC Points account balance after you login and go to your Member's Account on the CSC website

For more information on our reward system contact our Office Administrator at office@calgaryskiclub.org