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Policies & Procedures

.The Calgary Ski Club is involved in many different activities supporting our community. Beyond our many ski programs for all ages, we are involved in the New & Used Ski Sale, the Lake Louise Loppet and other local events and activities. These activities are based on our business plan which outlines our goals and objectives.


Membership Policy

Our memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We maintain a 12 month 'rolling ' membership commencing with the date of payment.

Membership is considered completed upon filling out the membership application located on our website , including acceptance of the 'CSC Waiver' and the 'Assumption of Risk' contained within that document, and paying the annual fees through our on-line registration option or, when a credit card payment has been processed through the Office Administrator at (403) 282-4122 and signed copies of the 'CSC Waiver' and the 'Assumption of Risk' documents have been received in the office.

Failure to accept either of these documents when applying on line will result in refusal of membership.


CSC Family Policy

Enrolling your family through our on-line registration option requires you to provide each child's Alberta Health Card Number and birth date.  This information is mandatory.

You are also required to accept the CSC Waiver and Assumption of risk conditions for each person registered on a family membership.

Please read the CSC waiver carefully for all information regarding limitations on liability

Children and/or Youth must be accompanied by and have a parent/guardian present for all social events/day trips and/or extended trips

A parent/guardian must be on site during a child's activity/event/trip; CSC assumes no liability should children be left unattended by a parent/guardian

Although the CSC is a family friendly ski club, certain events/activities/trips may be designated as adult only

CSC Rewards Policy

CSC maintains a 'Points' reward system for our volunteers.  They are an internal reward system and have no cash value.

CSC Points are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Only members in good standing, with an active membership, may accumulate and spend CSC Points

Guest members are not included in the reward system

Friends who volunteer on our behalf are not part of the reward system.

Members may access their CSC Points with ther login information through the CSC website

CSC Points can be banked for a 2 year period provided you maintain a membership in good standing

CSC Points will be cancelled for members who do not renew their subscription by a date set by Council, which is normally 60 days after the expiry date of the membership

CSC Points cannot be applied against payment of  of Membership fees.

CSC Points may be used in payment or part payment for activities booked by Calgary Ski Club.  A payment directly to a hotel or a ski hill etc. by the member cannot be paid using CSC points.  The booking must have been made by the Club and payment due from CSC.

Day Trips Policy

For regular carpool Day Trips, members and guests are asked to  register online through the Events Calendar no later than 24 hours prior to the activity. 

Latecomers who have not registered online are welcome at the discretion of the trip leader and  will have to sign a waiver before being allowed to join the activity.

Latecomers will be allowed to carpool with registered participants only if there is space available in any of the vehicles. Otherwise, latecomers will be responsible for providing their own transportation.

Special Chartered Day Trips Policy

  • Members are asked to register through our Meet up site within the specified RSVP dates.
  • Guests are asked to register through the Club office at (403) 282-4122.
  • Walk-ups for chartered Day Trips are allowed dependent of space on the bus and receipt of full payment by credit card before departing for the event,

Extended Trips Policy

  • Members are asked to register through our Meet Up site within the specified RSVP dates.
  • Guests are asked to register though the Club office at (403) 282-4122.
  • Walk-ups are NOT permitted on extended trips due to accommodation requirements.
  • A $45 fee applies for all NSF cheques and cheques must be reissued within 24 hours.
  • Failure to reissue any cheque results in implied cancellation from the trip.